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If a car needs power, ShowPower can power it.

Showing Off!


…Bespoke in-car lighting systems

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Sales Advantage

ShowPower is one of the best Sales Tools you could own

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Instant Power

Instant Sell

…with ShowPower a unique permanent power solution for any vehicle in a static environment

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Powering your technology …

…when it is completely impractical to run a vehicle engine in a showroom or exhibition environment …use ShowPower

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For powerful results

ShowPower gives the best stationary vehicle experience on the market.

The Benefits

Show the power of your technology

ShowPower is the recommended solution to demonstrate the electronic features of display vehicles.

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Leaving the competition

for dead

When it’s impractical to run engines in Showrooms, you have ShowPower.


Boost Sales with ShowPower

With powerful results

ShowPower gives you the ability to show off your vehicles display qualities & capabilities.

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When display vehicles remain stationary their battery life is diminished due to the impracticalities of running engines in a Showroom or during a Motor Show, Exhibition or Launch.

ShowPower is a unique battery pack supplied to dealerships and manufactures globally to provide a permanent power solution to demonstrate the electronic performance of any vehicle within a static environment.

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Powering your technology

Powering your technology

Vehicle designers and engineers are now giving drivers a more exhilarating all round experience with the provision of the latest electronic devices.

ShowPower is the solution to demonstrate these features in a Showroom or Show Stand environment.  It is the best Sales Tool on the market and has revolutionised the way car technologies are revealed.

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Lighting at Motor Shows, Exhibitions & Showrooms is often very poor, creating a dull and unsatisfying visual experience of even the most stimulating and vibrant car interiors.

ShowLight have designed and developed portable in car lighting systems to enhance the magnificence of automotive interiors for clients around the globe.

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ShowLight – Toyota

ShowLight – Toyota

“The Lights were great, worked really well and were easy to wire up and install.”

ShowPower – Toyota

ShowPower – Toyota

“The ShowPower drop in packs were so easy to use on both the Manchester and Goodwood events.
They were great and worked really well with NO problems at either event.”