When display vehicles remain stationary their battery life is severely diminished due to the impracticalities of running engines in a showroom environment.

ShowPower is a unique permanent power solution giving you the ability to show off the electronic performance & capabilities of your display vehicle within a static environment.  The ShowPower battery packs are ideal for Car Dealership Showrooms, Exhibitions, Motor Shows and New Vehicle Launches.

It’s no longer JUST about the driving dynamics.

Lighting at Motor Shows, Exhibtions & Showrooms is often very poor, creating a dull and unsatisfying visual experience of even the most stimulating and vibrant car interiors.

ShowLight have designed and developed portable in car lighting systems to enhance the magnificence of automotive interiors for clients around the globe.

NO longer will gloomy lighting detract from the audience experience.


If you have a one off Event and would like to hire a lighting or power solution then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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